Saturday, October 15, 2005


Maddy's MRI came back normal! The only other thing we need to do is an EEG to make sure she isn't have seizures. If that comes back normal then her nystagmus is just a symptom of her albinism. Our doctor doesn't think she is having seizures or anything but that is just the next thing they always test for. Our doctor was great, he called us Friday evening while he was on his way home. The actual doctor called us, if you need a new pediatrician ask me and I have a great one for you! We are so thankful that she doesn't have anything more serious going on. Don't get me wrong having albinism is something serious but she can learn to live with it and adapt to it. She is an amazing baby and she has a long life ahead of her. She is behind in some areas but that is ok because I get to keep her my baby baby much longer :)


Aaron said...

That's the news everyone was praying for!!

Kristen said...

Praise God!