Sunday, September 11, 2005

Nothing Much

Nothing much is going on here! Emma went to Jungle Gym on Saturday and had a blast. A funny thing happened, we saw a couple there with triplets and realized that we had seen them months before at Steak N Shake. We remember them because Steak N Shake ran out of high chairs because the other family and us, with Doug and Lisa, took all of them! We also remember them because one of the girls names is Emma. What a small world!

Saturday night Cade had his first baseball game of the season and he did awesome. Chad is the head coach this year, he started it off with a bang by knocking a kid over! On Sunday Madison had her first actual cereal feeding, it was really her second but the first time she wouldn't take any in her mouth. She did pretty well, so we will be trying it everyday!

Emma has hit the terrible twos early! She is throwing tantrums every now and then, I will let Chris tell you more about this!

Well, that was our weekend, I don't think anything exciting is coming up this week except Chad's birthday and we are getting remote start in our van! Ohhh and Doug and Lisa come home! I can't wait to see their pictures and I am looking forward to having my shopping pal back!

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