Friday, September 30, 2005

It's been an interesting day...

We found out today that Maddy has incomplete albinism and Casey has pericarditis. Both of them are doing fine. As you'll read, albinism is very rare... you've probably read about it. In Madison's case she may only exhibit albinism in the iris of her eyes, but everyone who's seen her knows how white her hair is and how light her complexion is. Casey is home resting, but she had an x-ray, EKG and bloodwork done today. The doctor says that her pericarditis is mild, but her breathing is affected a little. She has a followup appointment tomorrow morning.

We'll be going over to Casey's parents' house tonight for her brithday celebration, but naturally I'll be making her take it easy. I'm very glad I took today off... Here's another very good link on albinism.

1 Lonely Comment:

Bonnie said...

Oh my goodness... what a day! Let me know if we can do anything - sounds like you guys are probably worn out.