Friday, August 12, 2005

Na Na Na Na Hey Hey Hey Goodbye!!!

Goodbye to all of Emma's pacis. WOOHOOO they are gone and she has done so well with it. I took away the one during the day last week and then at the beginning of the week I took away her car one, this was the hardest and she still whines for it, and last night her bedtime one. She now carries her blankie and doll Daryl around all the time, I will have to get some pictures and post them.

Today we bought Emma a play kitchen, Chris is setting up as I write this and Emma is just having a ball. We will have to get pictures of this as well. Have a great weekend everyone!


Chris said...

It wasn't that hard to set up... just 39 steps and I was done! :-)

Anonymous said...

Now, what did Ms. Emma cook you in return?