Monday, August 22, 2005


This week I'm in Minnesota for work. I'm here to help our newest client integrate our product with one that they just built. What does that mean I'll actually be doing? I have no idea. Today will definitely be interesting.

Minnesota is different from what I imagined. The landscape reminds me of Louisiana since it's almost marshy and has more trees than I've seen in a long time. Oh, the temperature yesterday when I got here wass 73 degrees! I knew it'd be cooler going this far north, but 73 degrees at the heat of the day in August? It's crazy! Maybe that's atypical... we'll see.

I miss Casey and the girls like crazy already. I don't get to go home until Friday, so I'm afraid this will be a looooong week. At least I can talk to Casey whenever I want, but it's weird waking up alone in the morning.

Well, I gotta go shower and iron my very wrinkled clothes.


Unknown said...

We miss you like crazy...Come home soon

Aaron said...

I go out to Louisiana all the time and I guess I should just skip Minnesota. I get enough of the dense foliage and swamps on a regular basis. I have a feeling the will fly by if they can keep your busy enough.