Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mall of America

Since tonight was my last night here, I decided to brave the Mall of America. It can't be that big right? Sure. When I first got there I was shocked at the amount of parking. Two seven story parking garages? I entered through Sears because that's where I found a spot. Pretty standard, really. Nothing too special about the Sears. It did span three floors, but it was just Sears. When I got into the main mall though it was clear it was pretty big. The Galleria is big, but it's pretty much just one long stretch of mall. This reminded me a little of the Galleria, except it was the size of the Galleria on each side -- and there are 4 sides. I'd heard about the roller coaster, but I wasn't prepared for the full-on amusement park in the center, Camp Snoopy. They also have the "world's largest underground aquarium." I didn't go see it though, and I have no idea how many other underground aquariums there are, so it may not have been that substantial. I found something to bring back for Casey, Emma and Madison after waling around each floor at least once, and of course I took a lot of pictures. It'll probably be forever before I get the pictures posted though because I'm not nearly as fast as Casey is. :-)

Tomorrow I go home. Hooray!


Unknown said...

I am glad you got to go the Mall of America, maybe one day I will get to go as well. I am so excited you come home today!!! We can't wait!

I only post pics fast b/c I don't do as much to them as you do. My pictures aren't the greatest and you can tell that when you look at them. Yours are always amazing.

Aaron said...

I like Casey's pictures. They great and it doesn't hurt that your subjects are so cute. I hope Chris road the roller coaster!