Thursday, August 04, 2005

Frustrated with Family Practice

Sometimes Madison screams out in pain. On some days (every day this week for example) the "sometimes" becomes "most of the time". This isn't anything very new -- we've been working with this pretty much since day 2. We figured out fairly early that she's a rather gassy baby but that she also spits up quite a bit, and thus began our quest for the perfect formula and eventually to Casey attempting to relactate. All of this hasn't made any progress on the gassiness or screaming, although Maddy is definitely thriving and not spitting up like she did on the earlier formulas.

The issue is definitely related to eating. Usually the screaming begins with the first swallow of a feeding... it can last for an hour afterwards. We went to viist the doctor today since she'd been in so much pain lately, and essentially they told us that it was colic and to tough it out. I disagree. She has 5 out of 6 of the symptoms of reflux. The doctor actually said that crying isn't a symptom of reflux and that if she is crying like that it has to be colic! Ugh. I gave up at that point. He referred us to a G.I. specialist "just so they can be the ones to tell you it's not reflux."

This wasn't our normal doctor, it's a big group practice. We have problems with every dr we see besides our "usual", but lately even she has been doing some things that we don't agree with. If I felt like he had done a thorough exam and knew his stuff I wouldn't be upset about the wait-and-see tactic. He hadn't even heard of Neocate... We're officially in the process of switching doctors, and Maddy sees the specialist Tuesday afternoon. Thanks for reading my book.


Bonnie said...

Poor Maddy... That's the worst feeling, like you're not being taken seriously. You're the ones that know her best and know the problem best, you definitely need to find someone who'll listen.

Douglas said...

Sorry man, we like our pediatrician...but we don't have much experience with her in diagnostic situations like these.