Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Call us Dr. Chris & Dr. Casey

Today was Maddy's appointment at the GI doctor and it went very well. He agreed with us that at least a part of her problem is reflux so he put her on zantac for that. He was surprised that she wasn't on medicine before this. He was also surprised that she was still on the neocate after it didn't show a big improvement after the first week. We are trying to go back to regular milk based formula and so far so good, no allergic reactions yet! He did schedule a sonogram on Friday to make sure everything is developed and how it should be. I think I may write a letter, great idea Lisa, to our former doctor to let her know what the specialist said and how we felt after the last appointment. Chris and I have said since she started this that we felt it was reflux and one doctor wanted to wait it out some more and the other looked at us like we were stupid and that reflux doesn't hurt babies. We knew what needed to be done but the doctors wouldn't listen to us. Oh well, we can finally put that in the past and move on and getting Maddy better. We take Emma to the new pediatrician at the end of the month for her 18 month check up so if we like them, we will be switching.

Overall it was a great appointment because we finally got some answers and are working towards getting her better.

Eric, I hope your MRI results go well and that you wont need surgery, I am thinking about you bubba. If everyone could add him to your prayers. His shoulder has been hurting and they think something might be torn and he might need possible surgery or therapy. Eric will be a senior this year, I can't believe it. I feel like it was yesterday I was scaring him in the drive way while he rode on the little tikes red car. He plays baseball and is in the marching band, so this result can have a lot of affect on him. Please pray for him.

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Kristen said...

Glad to hear that you got some results for Maddy finally! Eric is in my prayers.