Sunday, August 28, 2005

Busy Weekend For Emma!!

Wow, our Miss Emma had a big weekend! Saturday she had her first Jungle Gym class, and she really enjoyed it! She had so much fun doing all the activities and playing on the equipment. I can't wait to see her next time. On Sunday she had her first "Ouch" report in Sunday School at church. She got hit in the head with a toy, but she made it out ok! Then our little girl had her first haircut! She did soooo well, I was very surprised. We went to a place called Cartoon Cuts, it was great that they cater to kids. At every station they have a TV so the kids have something to focus on, guess what Emma got to watch, The Wiggles of course. It could not have been better, she kept her eyes on The Wiggles the entire time and I don't think she even noticed the lady cutting her hair, she even let her blow dry her hair. Our little girl is growing so fast.

Pictures are up on my site of both events this weekend(both are under the gallery called Children). I will be adding more to Jungle Gym whenever we go! Also, more in the Emma gallery and Madison!

1 Lonely Comment:

Aaron said...

I've never seen Emma smile so big. I guess you all had a great time in the Jungle class. I had not heard it before but it seems worth it. Great pictures by the way! It's hard to believe little Emma is already getting her hair cut and is such a natural.