Thursday, August 04, 2005


That is all I have to say! I am so tired of doctors making me feel like a bad parent. I know when my daughter is in pain and when something can be done. Does anyone else besides the doctor think I overreact or am a bad parent? If you do then please tell me, because I would like to know so I can help this situation. I already feel like a failure as a mother because I hated and didn't want to breastfeed and then when I was told I needed to try and get my supply back I had an allergic reaction(to the medicine to get my supply back), then had to stop. I am just so frustrated and want my baby to be pain free. I don't have a problem with her crying and I understand babies can be fussy and cry a lot, however I don't want her to cry all hours because she is in so much pain. I hate seeing my poor little baby in pain.


I know we go to the doctor a lot but everytime we do it is for a legitimate reason. Gosh did I do this to my girls by not breastfeeding? Don't you wish that all I really had to say was arghhhhh:)

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