Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Trip to the Ballpark

Last night we took the girls to a Ranger game with most of Casey's family. Tab and Chad didn't come because Tabitha's morning sickness was so bad. I hope that second trimester starts "early" for her and that it's a lot easier on her. For the first couple innings it was as hot as you might expect, but as soon as the sun set it was great. We actually sat right there in the seats until the 7th (Emma too!). I wasn't expecting a disaster or anything, but the whole event went much better than I had imagined. I wouldn't mind going again sometime!

After watching most of the game, we headed over to the common area where the kid's games are and Emma got to meet a few boys that were about her age. At first she completely ignored them (way to go Emma!) but after a while one of them came up and gave her a hug and after that point she paid them a little more attention and walked around with them a bit. Once the girls get older I'll have to remember to bring boy repellant with us when we go out...

1 Lonely Comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about Tab. It's a shame the girls didn't get to see the Rangers win but awesome that they saw a game. Girls don't notice guys for about 20+ years right?!