Sunday, July 03, 2005

Jesus Drives a Cab in Boston

On our way back to Logan International Airport on Thursday night, Doug and I had an interesting cabbie... to say the least.

I get into the cab and settle in, waiting for Doug to get cash at the ATM. The cabbie turns to me and says in a thick (almost unintelligible) Russian accent, "You take cab from airport?"

Me: "Huh?"
Cabbie: "You take cab from airport when you get here?"
Me: "Oh, yeah."
Cabbie: "How much cost you?"
Me: "Uh... about $30." Oops, that probably wasn't something I should have said. Well, he has to play by the meter anyway, right?
Cabbie: "It costs less to get to airport."
Me: "Really? Why?"
Cabbie: "Less toll. Less fee. From airport $17+$4.50+$2+$1.75+... But I get you airport $30. That ok? $30?"
Me: "Uh... I guess if that's what it comes to..." What in the world? Is this how this works? What about the meter?
Cabbie: "Where you from?"
Me: "Dallas."
Cabbie: "Texas?"
Me: "Yes, Texas." Wow. I wonder how long he's lived around here. Must have been born in Russia or something. "You grow up around here?"
Cabbie: "No."

Silence for several minutes. I figured he'd tell me about where he was from and when he came here and so forth... he didn't say another word. Finally, Doug arrives and we take off.

To be continued...

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