Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Jesus Drives a Cab in Boston (Part 2)

We never went far from Copley Place (the area where we were staying downtown) so Doug and I watched the buildings go by. I glance up at the cabbie and he's taking a sip of some water. Looking out the window I notice the third Dunkin' Donuts go by, so I say quietly to Doug, "Wow, that's the third Dunkin' Donuts! They have more Dunkin' Donuts here than Starbucks!"

Cabbie: "You want coffee? I stop and get coffee! You want coffee?"
The cabbie picks up a Starbucks cup and takes a sip.
Doug, Me: "No, that's ok."

I give Doug a funny look. The cabbie turns the radio on and then right back off. He reaches into the glovebox and rustles around, grabs a CD and puts it in. After two seconds of track 1 he flips forward and then immediately turns the stereo back off. Odd. Then I notice out the window that we're passing through Chinatown. Even quieter, I say to Doug, "Hey, look that McDonald's has Chinese characters all over it."

Cabbie: "You want eat dinner? We stop and eat! You want dinner?"
Doug: "No, we already ate."

The cabbie picks up a Dunkin' Donuts cup and takes a sip. We turn down yet another alley, the cabbie driving slowly (as he has the entire trip). I give Doug a nervous look and he grimaces a bit. We pull up to a light. The cabbie turns to me and extends his hand, "What your name?"

Me: "Chris."
I reach out to shake his hand.
Cabbie: "I'm Jesus Christ."
Stunned silence.
Cabbie: "What, you no believe me? I save people who are good!"

Geez. We're gonna die. It's over. It was an OK trip while it lasted. Then suddenly Doug says a little too loudly, "There's the airport!"

We got there in 20 minutes... in rush hour. Our crazy cabbie knew what he was doing.


Anonymous said...

WOW, that was a strange trip if that's what the cab ride to the airport was like. I'm glad you guys got home!

Bonnie said...

That cracks me up... traveling is so weird.