Thursday, July 21, 2005

I was hoping everyone can keep praying for my sister. Morning sickness has hit her and it is awful. I feel so bad for her and wish I could take it away from her. It helps knowing that in months a new precious Angel will join our family. I wonder what the baby will look like. Kegan and Cade were beautiful babies and are handsome young boys now, I am sure this baby will be gorgeous! I am hoping that the baby will be close to Emma and Madison, especially Madison because they will be less than a year apart.

For years there were two grandsons and then all of sudden two granddaughters, if Tab and Chad have a girl, which I know they will, the girls will out number the boys just like that.

Kegan and Cade are going to be awesome big brothers. When I watched them last week they were so wonderful with Emma and Madison. I hope the continue that with their baby brother or sister.

Well, anyways I would appreciate it if you kept my sister in your prayers. She is battling morning sickness, work, and summer school.

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