Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Sorry if blogger is still messed up, hopefully it will be better today...

Chris is in Boston and we miss him like crazy. This is the first time since we have been married and have had the girls that Chris has gone away. At least it isn't a long trip, he comes home late tomorrow night :)

Emma has started spinning for fun, it is the cutest thing. I was watching her play last night an I can't believe how grown up she is. She is no longer a baby at all she has become a little girl. I am amazed how the time flies. I can't believe how much she learns each day and how she has quite an imagination. My friend Lisa made a list of all the words her daughter Mary knows, so I decided to make a list of Emma's. So far I have over 20 and I know there are more but I haven't had a chance to write them down.

1 Lonely Comment:

Bonnie said...

We were going to loan you our other camera - you're still welcome to it if you want it, although I guess there's not much time to get it before Chris gets back!