Friday, June 03, 2005

Only three people remembered our anniversary :( We got tons of calls on our anniversary but only my mom, dad, and Julie said Happy Anniversary! Oh well.

Madison has a doctor appointment today to make sure she is doing ok on her formula, I will let everyone know how that goes. Emma is still doing wonderful with her and is a great big sister. The girls and I are starting to adjust with Chris going back to work. He is only doing half days right now but it is a good slow transition for us!

Emma has starting singing to some of The Wiggle songs...It is the cutest thing :) I can't wait to take her to the concert, I think she will really enjoy it.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!


Anonymous said...

Here's a Happy Late Anniversary! I can't believe it's been two years. I remember your wedding well. That fountain was really something else...maybe Emma or Madison will get married there?! (I’ll be really old then).

I wonder if Chris can capture Emma singing and broadcast it for us. I would love to hear Ms. Emma sing.

Román said...

I thought Kristen sent an email to wish you Happy Anniversary on our behalf...she must have forgotten to :( Sorry! We really do wish you many more happy years together. Also, Chris should find an Anniversary card on his desk that I placed there on Wednesday. I'm glad to hear all is going so well!

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Unknown said...

Kristen did send an email and we did get the card!! Thanks guys we really appreciated it and it meant a lot to us!!!