Monday, June 06, 2005

Madison had her first real bath today, she didn't like it at all. She screamed through the whole thing but when it was over she went right back to sleep.

She is doing really well, her jaundice is gone and we had to switch formulas. She is now on a low iron formula that is milk based. So far she isn't spitting up so hopefully she wont have the same type of problems Emma had. Emma was on every type of formula and eventually had to be put on a hypo-allergenic formula only available by prescription, which insurance didn't cover.

Things are going really well and we are very blessed to have two wonderful little girls. Hopefully we will get pictures up soon, sorry we have been busy!


Anonymous said...

Chris and Casey...your babies are beautiful!! You guys are very lucky. I don't know if you remember me, but I'm Kristen's sister. Congrats!

~Courtney M. Otte

Anonymous said...

How's the formula going today? I hope Madison gets use to the water soon. That could be a difficult thing to work through. Chris, we need new baby pictures stat! I guess you guys probably are not sleeping already...