Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Recently it was announced at work that we'd be hiring two new developers -- a junior and a senior developer. It's the first time we've ever hired a senior developer. Since that's the same level that I'm at it will definitely be interesting. I'm kinda excited about it.

Speaking of excitement... when the new senior developer starts he and I will move into Doug's office and Doug will move down the hall. I'm sure I'll miss the antics of the developer cube room but I'm pretty excited about moving into an office, even if it's shared with another person.

Oh, I posted new pictures. Check out "Recent Glances" on the right for links.


Anonymous said...

yay for prom pics! i must say, you two have been blessed with one beautiful baby! she just makes me smile everytime i see her. i told eric that he has to watch out for her because she is going to be a 'looker' haha

Anonymous said...

I second that! Emma is a cute little girl and it won't be long that she'll be a young woman. I feel old talking about it already.