Sunday, May 29, 2005

On Thursday May 26th at 1:09pm our beautiful blonde haired Miss Madison was born. She was 6 lbs 5 ounces and was 19'' long. I was hooked up to pitocin at about 8:30 in the morning and at about 10 they broke my water. I had a lot of back labor because Madison decided to lay in the wrong position but at the very end she turned correctly. Her heart rate would drop really low during contractions so I had to be put on oxygen but it turned out ok. After about 20 minutes of pushing Madison came out and caused me barely any damage, much easier than with Emma I must say! Chris got to cut the cord and the doctor placed her on my belly once she came out, both of these experiences we missed with Emma, it was amazing. Chris and the doctor would talk about camera stuff in between pushes but I didn't mind! It was a wonderful birth!!!!

After breastfeeding twice Chris, the nurses, and I decided that it wasn't for me. While feeding her I would just watch the clock for it to be over and not want the next feeding to come. I was very emotional and it just didn't click for me. I know some people may be disappointed, I was myself but I think our decision was for the best. I think both Madison and I will be happier now! I just hope people don't think I am a failure or think badly of me.

Madison does have jaundice and we almost didn't get to leave the hospital because of it but after sitting by the window for hours the level only rose a little so the let us go home. We have to keep an eye on her and if it gets worse we need to take her to the ER. She goes to the doctor on Tuesday to get it checked again.

Our first night home was what it should be with a newborn. Madison decided she didn't like to sleep so we were up most of the night. We are staying positive and we have a cute little toddler to not make us think about being tired, so I think we will be ok!

Emma has been wonderful with Madison. At the hospital she kept saying "baby" and would point to her. She only had one major bout of jealousy and it went away quickly. She has given Madison several kisses without us even asking her to. I think she will be such a great sister.

I am so blessed to have two wonderful little girls! Thank you to everyone who came and visited us and helped us out. We really appreciate it!

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