Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I am so tired of being pregnant. I am also tired of not feeling well and having stupid contractions and stabbing pains all the time. I can no longer sleep and with all of this I have to chase a toddler. Luckily I was blessed with such a wonderful little girl like Emma. We have been watching The Wiggles and Baby Einstein. She loves both of them and always asks for more. If it wasn't for me feeling like crap she wouldn't be watching so much TV, hopefully I can kick her of this habit once I am doing better. Plus I think I know every Wiggle song there is and instead of singing songs on the radio I catch my self singing Wiggle songs. Oh I love being a mommy!!!!

My appointment is tomorrow so I will post on how it went tomorrow night or Friday. On Monday he said that he will take her a couple weeks early, so we will see when that is! Everyone wish me luck that I am dilated tomorrow!!!!

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