Saturday, May 21, 2005

Everyday Emma and I watch The Wiggles and she loves the music that they sing. Earlier this week she started dancing to the songs, it is the cutest thing. She is getting good at dancing and seems to really enjoy it. Chris and I will probably put her in dance next summer! We also found out that The Wiggles are coming to Dallas in August, so guess who is going to see them? We have decided to take Emma, I think she will really enjoy it. Tickets go on sale on Monday so hopefully we are able to get them!

Today we bought a washer! I am so excited, our clothes will no longer have rust stains. We got our current washer and dryer from Tab and Chad when we moved into our house, they are at least 10 years old. Amazingly they still work great the only problem is that washer now is rusting, so we are only replacing that!

I go to the doctor on Tuesday, I know it seems like I go all the time. Hopefully we will schedule a date to induce that day, I will let you know!

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