Sunday, May 29, 2005

And then there were four... Kolbs, that is. :-)

Madison is wonderful... and tiny! I had forgotten so quickly how small Emma was when she was born. Madison is slightly smaller, but still around the same size. Emma feels so big and grown-up compared to her! She did keep us up most of the night, but who expected anything different? I may have a different opinion when I'm so sleep deprived that I can't see straight, but I think it's great even when it's crazy around here.

Today we had to go to the store (I know, we're crazy, but we needed stuff). Emma and Madison rode in the double stroller for the first time. Every time Madison fussed Emma would reach over and pat her or try to give her the paci. It's amazing how quickly she seems to have bonded with Madison. Emma gets so excited around her and although we're working on her being gentle, she's very loving already.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You and Casey are truly blessed with two sweet young ladies. I think Emma is so good natured from good parents. It's really cute to see she's already passing it on. I hope you are both able to rest a bit. I already can't wait until that first birthday to compare just how much she's grown.

Anonymous said...

My comment didn't post! Well in a nut shell... I'm glad there are more Kolbs around. Emma is a sweet girl because she has an awesome mom and dad. I can't wait until Madison's first birthday to see just how much she grows in a year.