Friday, April 29, 2005

Well, here is another update on Miss Madison, she sure is a feisty one! I had my ultrasound and non stress test, where they monitor her heartbeat and contractions for 30 minutes on a machine. Her heartbeat is good but she isn't moving as much as she once was and they were a little concerned about that. She is still measuring behind and on the ultrasound they need her to do a series of things and they give her a score. One of them is a breathing movement and for the past two ultrasounds she has not done it. I now go twice a week, one day I will do the non stress test and the other will be the ultrasound. I will go twice a week until things happen or they decide to induce I guess. I am still supposed to rest rest rest and eat eat eat, I am not really enjoying that. I have been having lots of contractions and stuff but they can't do anything for them because they are irregular and don't happen all the time. I will update after my second appointment next week.

While I had my appointment my friend Emily watched Emma, Chris needed to work. Emily had a baby that was born on Emma's one year birthday! Emma did really well with her and was so gentle. Apparently the only problem while I was gone was Emma dropped her sippy cup on Kate. The two girls who share a birthday got to use our new double stroller and Emma really liked it. Emily said that after I went into the appointment Emma kept saying mommy! That made me feel so special, I can't believe that a sweet little girl like Emma wants and needs me. I just love being a mommy, it is the most special thing in the world! Anyways, I will keep you all updated and hopefully Madison will come once she is healthy enough to make it outside, usually at 36/37 weeks their lungs are healthy enough and I am currently 34 weeks, and not keep me pregnant until June. I don't know how much more pain I can take:(

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Emily T said...

By the way... I LOVE watching little miss Em. I will happily do it ANYTIME!!! She is always so fun!