Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Today Emma and I took Chris to lunch for his birthday. We went with some friends and we are also having dinner with friends at Red Lobster tonight for his birthday! Hopefully he is having a good birthday! Emma drew Chris a picture and gave him a card. Her card even came with a sticker that said super dad so we are making Chris wear it all day!!!

Emma is doing ok. She is still having trouble sleeping because her cough gets so bad it is hard for her to breath. Poor girl is getting so many different medicines right now. When she wakes up I have 3 things I have to give her. If this keeps up I will probably take her to see her actual doctor Friday or Monday. When she went in on Monday her doctor was out sick. She is being really good though, if you didn't see her runny nose or hear her cough you wouldn't even know she was sick. She is such a trooper. I will keep you updated on her.


Anonymous said...

HAPPY B-DAY CHRIS!! soo many b-days these past few months. haha i cant keep track of them all!

Chris said...

Thaks for lunch honey, it was a nice surprise. I did have a great birthday. :-)

Also, thanks Becca!