Thursday, April 21, 2005

Starting last night I had shooting pains and they continued into this morning with cramping. We went in to the doctor and they took samples from me, did a non stress test, and an ultrasound getting measurements of everything. I was having uterine contractions and Madison is measuring behind still. She is really small for how far along I am. I am supposed to eat more and rest more in order to help Madison grow. I am also on somewhat of bed rest for the uterine contractions. Rest and fluids should make them stop. Everything will be ok, apparently I just need more rest. I would like to see how that is possible with a toddler. We go next Friday, April 29th, for another ultrasound to see how she is measuring. We may have to do weekly ultrasounds depending on her growth this next week. They may also decide to take her early if she doesn't start growing. They feel there may be a point where she will be healthier and gain more weight outside than in me. I will keep you updated!

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Bonnie said...

Hope everything's okay!