Thursday, April 07, 2005

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday. I woke up to "Happy Birthday" signs that Casey made for me, then Casey and Emma surprised me for lunch and gave me very nice birthday cards and a cool "Super Dad" sticker that I wore the rest of the day. For dinner we went to Red Lobster with some friends and had a good time.

Thank you honey for making my birthday so special.


Anonymous said...

First, it was a great party. It was really special to see you guys and all our friends together. What a group! Five married couples, four babies, and one on the way... Just think what next year will be like.

Oh, love you site design. We'll have to talk soon.

Bonnie said...

That was very fun. I'm glad I'm finally working earlier hours (except for the next month or so) so I can finally do stuff like that! It's definitely worth it.

Unknown said...

You are very welcome honey! You deserved the best birthday ever! I am glad you have a great day!