Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I am so proud of my Little Princess!!! We had to wait and wait yesterday at Children's and not once did Emma fuss or complain. She was such a trooper. Poor girl got blood work done, xrays, and other stuff and only cried during those and even then it wasn't too bad. IT was so hard seeing them take so much blood from her and she now has a bruise. I feel awful my poor little girl had to go through all of this. Hopefully now we can just take care of these nasty ear infections. I will be taking her back to the doctor next week and we will talk with her about the constant ear infections.

Speaking of ear infections..My little Cade man, I guess he isn't so little anymore, is having tubes put back in his ears and his tonsils out on Friday. IF everyone can say a little prayer for him. I hate the thought of him going into surgery, even if it is outpatient and common. His ears are so bad it is affecting his hearing. I will be praying for him and hope you will too!

Well, hopefully today will go better than yesterday!

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