Monday, April 04, 2005

Emma's had what's seemed to be a cold for the last 2 months. Her former pediatrician didn't do much about it except give her a general antibiotic even though we visited twice. We switched pediatricians and they said it was allergies and put her on allergy medication last week. None of us have slept much (Casey especially) the last few nights since Emma will cough and cry in her sleep. We've tried just about everything including various medications to no avail so far.

Casey took her in today and they said to go to the ER at Children's Hospital due to the many symptoms and no obvious diagnosis. The doctor said it doesn't seem like RSV but that if the ER doc thinks it's possible they'll run the test faster than they could at the family practice.

So, here I sit... waiting. I don't think I'd be as concerned if it weren't for my many memories of going to Children's with my brother so he could get his IVs when we were little. He had to have IVs of gammaglobulin every 3 weeks for years due to an immune deficiency.

I'm sure Emma will be ok, fortunately this doesn't seem like a dire emergency. Hopefully we'll be in and out and find out nothing major is wrong.


Bonnie said...

Any updates since 2? Hope everything's ok.

Anonymous said...

I'm so proud of Emma!!! That's so great that she is learning how to walk!! Im sure she'll be just fine, no worries.