Monday, April 04, 2005

After 7 hours of: blood work, 4 chest x-rays, blood pressure from all 4 extremities and an EKG we found out that Emma has yet another ear infection and must have had a continuous series of bad colds lasting 2 months so far. Everything came back normal.

They told us that there's nothing they can do for the chest colds she's had and gave us yet another antibiotic for the ear infection. They recommend seeing a pulmonary specialist to make sure anything they didn't already cover is ok. We'll be talking to Dr. Klima (Emma's PCP) about the frequency of her ear infections to see what they want to do and when they'll do it.

It wasn't a wasted evening but it's definitely frustrating that there wasn't anything they could do to help her and it took that long and that many tests to arrive at that conclusion. HAAARRR! :-)

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Anonymous said...

Sure do hope this antibiotic works. I'm glad that the frustration is not over having to hash through several specialists' conflicting opinions. You are both such great parents and am sending you all a hug.