Wednesday, March 30, 2005

We got our U2 tickets the other day! I am so excited, now all I have to do is wait until the END of October. I can't believe I get to see U2 in concert with my very own eyes. WOOHHOOOOO

Miss Emma did something Tuesday that surprised me. She has been able to climb upstairs for several months but I never gave her the chance to climb down. Well, she did it! She went down the stairs all by herself. What a big girl!!!! I can't believe how much she has learned this past year and all she has to learn still. Ohh and Miss Emma's has inherited my nickname of tornado. When I was little my mom called me a tornado and now that is miss Emma. She loves to make huge messes and isn't satisfied until everything is a disaster. What a cutie though:)

1 Lonely Comment:

Chris said...

U2! U2! U2!

I'll have to take a picture of the aftermath one day of when Emma is done playing. It's actually quite amusing how messy it really gets. :-)