Monday, March 28, 2005

I have decided I hate homeowners associations. We got a letter on Saturday about a violation for a trailer being in our driveway. On the letter it had our names and our address but the violation was for the house behind us. So we called and we were mad and Chris pretty much yelled at the answer machine b/c this isn't the first time we got a violation for someone else.

The stupid HOA called today and told Chris that it wasn't a mistake that b/c the trailer faced our driveway they didn't know whose it was so we got the letter. It is on HIS DRIVEWAY AND PROPERTY not ours.. Are they complete idiots or what? Chris will be calling back and yelling once again..I am so sick of the stupid Providence HOA..Does anyone else just think this is ridiculous?

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Chris said...

For those of you who are fervently following our HOA debacle, you will be pleased to know that the letter we received wasn't as unintelligent as we first thought.

The neighbor who has this trailer in his driveway is in the military and right now he's away in Iraq. The person watching his house happened to see the trailer there and complained to the HOA, who in turn sent a letter to us and the people next door. Last night the mystery was solved when Casey and I saw the people next door use the trailer to move stuff into their house and then left it parked in their driveway!