Thursday, March 31, 2005

I feel so sorry for my husband. Poor guy I seem to always want something new and it is never cheap. Earlier today I posted about my frustration with the car and stroller and such, well I found a solution. After talking with friends I found a stroller, combi twin savvy, that folds small and is light. It would give me plenty of room in my trunk but it is expensive. My poor husband we already bought a double stroller. I think I will just stick with what we have, especially because I don't need to be copying Lisa anymore or Emily, unless it is just too awful. I guess buying a new double stroller is cheaper than buying a new car, especially becuase I found some on ebay. My poor poor husband has to put up with me always finding new things I want or "need". I need help..I guess I am more stressed about lifting, using, and the size of the stroller compared to the trunk, than I thought.

Oh well.. I will move on, thanks for listening to me vent

1 Lonely Comment:

Chris said...

Don't worry honey, we'll take care of everything. Once we're in the situaiton we'll know exactly what we need to do. It'll all be ok... :-)